Key Vs Rent-to-own

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Build equity from day one

Not building equity right away

With Key, you start building home equity from day one, and your investment can grow with real estate. Each month a portion of your monthly payment goes towards building your equity, this starts at $50 and is dependent on the building. You can invest more at any time.

With rent-to-own models, you start building equity once your lease period is over and you decide to purchase the home.



No mortage required

Get mortgage ready

With Key, you are never required to take on a mortgage. You can choose to take one on and purchase your home the traditional way after the third year, but there is no obligation.

With rent-to-own, when your lease agreement runs out, you need to qualify for a mortgage. If you decide to not take on a mortgage and purchase the home, you risk losing all of the equity you’ve been saving and your initial deposit.



Accessible ownership

Requires large downpayment

With Key, you can start owning and building home equity for an initial contribution starting at 2.5% depending on the building, this is around 15k for many of our homes.

With rent-to-own once your lease agreement runs out you are required to put 5-20% down.



No hidden fees

Extra upfront fees

Key fees are only 1% of your invested equity (as little as 0.025% of your homes value) plus a one-time onboarding fee of $250. If you choose to take on a mortgage after the third year, you will pay the traditional costs associated with buying and selling real estate.

With rent-to-own models you’re on the hook for non-refundable upfront fees that typically range between 1-5% of the purchase price..

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