Making homeownership a reality

Our Homeownership-as-a-Service platform connects Aspiring Owners with homes offered by Property Owners. Aspiring Owners become co-owner partners who build equity at a pace they can afford, while Property Owners benefit from improved returns.

Aspiring Owners

With co-ownership, you start with a small home equity deposit and no mortgage. Your investment grows with the value of the home and you build additional home equity with your monthly payments.

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Property Owners

With co-ownership, you get residents who treat the home like their own, provide capital and share in expenses. Plus, lower turnover and operating expenses help drive improved returns.

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KEY VS traditonal ownerhips

Own real estate.
Not a mortgage.

Aspiring Owners can own without needing to qualify for, or be locked into a mortgage.
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KEY VS renting

Build equity from day one.

Aspiring Owners' initial equity contribution goes towards growing their equity position in their home from the day they move in.

KEY VS rent to own

Security of Residency.

Co-owners sign up for a predetermined term, so there's no need to worry about eviction or short notice periods.

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It couldn't be easier


Property Owners provide homes

Our Property Owners offer a portfolio of premiere homes in a growing selection of neighbourhoods across Canada and the US.


Aspiring Owners choose their home

Browse, select and easily apply for the home you’re interested in.  If you don’t see a home that suits you, let us know.


Shared ownership and responsibility

Co-owners enter into an agreement that outlines their responsibilities to each other. They share pro-rata in equity growth & maintenance costs. 

Property Owners provide homes for co-ownership

Key’s homeownership-as-a-service platform offers a portfolio of premiere homes for aspiring homeowners to select from.

Choose your new home

Let us know what home you’re interested in and the best way to reach you. Our team will answer any questions you have and all the benefits co-ownership offers.

Get Approved

It’s so simple that one of our Owner-Residents completed the approval process over her phone in 15 minutes, while parked in her car.

Shared equity & shared ownership

Property Owners and Owner-Residents co-own the home and share in the euity as well as the costs. Only the Owner-Residents lives in the home though and you can decorate it to bring your personality to life.

We’re unlocking the homeownership dream

Details of Co-ownership

“Key offered the flexibility to start owning without committing so much of my equity into one investment. Not needing a mortgage, a tech-enabled and much simpler approval process, and the opportunity to build home equity instead of making my landlord richer were all part of my decision."


Owner Resident

“Key has created a compelling and innovative option for condo projects that will allow more Canadians to access homeownership and produce above-average returns for investors. We've benefitted from Key's model and plan to add more homes to their platform.”


Property Owner


Stop renting, start owning

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