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Homeownership with the flexibility of renting.

Whether you're starting your homeownership journey or looking to convert your rental property to co-ownership, Key provides a two-sided market place to make this possible.

Own where you live.

As an Aspiring Owner, browse from our selection of homes, convert your existing rental or let us find a home for you.

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Unlock your equity.

As a Property Owner, benefit from the extra home equity cash and shared expenses without selling your property.

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Build equity from day one.

Our co-ownership solution connects Property Owners with Aspiring Homebuyers who become co-owners. Start co-owning where you live and build home equity at your own pace so you can buy the entire home (or another property) in the future. Experience the freedom of renting while benefiting from the wealth-building of ownership.

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How Key Works

Connecting Aspiring Homebuyers & Property Owners with Co-Ownership

Aspiring Owner

Unlock homeownership with ease.  Co-own your home with only 2.5% deposit and no mortgage. Your deposit grows with your home's value. Increase your equity with every monthly payment.

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Property Owner

Unlock the benefit of co-ownership.  You get dedicated and incentivized residents who treat the home as their own and share in expenses. Enjoy tax-deferred capital.

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The Key

Property Owners provide homes

Our Property Owners offer a portfolio of homes in a growing selection of neighborhoods across Canada and the U.S.

List your rental

Aspiring Homebuyers choose their home

Browse, select and easily apply for your dream home. If you don't find one, let us know so we can.

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Shared ownership and responsibility

Co-owners enter into an agreement that outlines their responsibilities to each other. They split equity growth and maintenance costs.

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Feedback from the Key Community

Key has been serving families and unlocking homeownership since 2021. Hear from our co-ownership community.

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