We’re creating a world where real estate can be a source of prosperity and freedom for everyone.


Key’s mission is to help everyone prosper from real estate by empowering Property Owners to offer a better way for aspiring homeowners to own.


At Key, our purpose is to unlock the doors of hope for individuals and families who have been traditionally locked out of the dream of home ownership. We believe that everyone deserves a place to call home, a sanctuary where memories are created, and futures are built.

Our mission is to redefine the narrative of home ownership by providing innovative and attainable solutions, ensuring that the joy of living in a home that one can call their own is not limited by traditional barriers. We are committed to bridging gaps and fostering inclusivity, creating a pathway to housing for those who have faced challenges in realizing this fundamental aspiration.

Through a steadfast focus on government, landlord/builder and renter/aspiring homeowner engagement, we aim to not only offer homes but to cultivate vibrant, supportive communities. We envision a future where the keys to a home represent not just a physical space but a symbol of empowerment, stability, and the fulfilment of dreams.

By championing attainability and affordability and embracing diversity, Key strives to be a beacon of tech-forward hope in the housing industry. We are dedicated to breaking down the barriers that have kept individuals and families from the security and pride that comes with home ownership, and in doing so, we contribute to building a more equitable and hopeful world for all.

At Key, our mission is clear: to open doors, create opportunities, and provide hope for those who have longed for a place to own. Together, we are building a future where the dream of home ownership is a reality for everyone.


Management Team

Rob Richards

Co-Founder & CEO

Heather Kirk


Craig Dunk


Tenzin Khangsar

Chief Impact Officer & Chief of Staff

Sakshi Daral

Director of Product

Yash Mody

Director of Operations

Vidit Shah

Director of Finance

Advisory Team

Stephen Poloz

Special Advisor

Paul Finkbeiner

Real Estate Advisor

Judy Rogers

Provincial & Municipal Government Advisor

Steffan Jones

Housing Policy Advisor

Danny Kattan

Single Family Rental Advisor

Yanir Ram

Single Family Rental Advisor

Everyone is welcome.

We believe diversity drives innovation, so we’re building a culture where difference is valued. We know that being inclusive across race, age, religion, gender, identity and experience makes us stronger and better at what we do. We welcome everyone who is driven to perform and excited to help create a world where real estate is a source of financial and social prosperity and freedom for everyone.

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