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Aspiring to become a homeowner? We're on a mission to provide a flexible and attainable way for Canadians to become homeowners.

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Making the dream of homeownership possible again.

We’ve created the world’s first all-digital, attainable homeownership platform to provide a third option beyond renting or buying a home with a mortgage.

No mortgage required

Aspiring Owners can own without needing to qualify for, or be locked into a mortgage.  Plus, you can start building home equity years sooner, eliminating the need to save towards a large down payment.

Own years sooner

Our patent-pending co-ownership model means Aspiring Owners can start owning with a much smaller down payment, so they start building home equity now instead of wasting years saving for a large down payment.

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Secured residency

No more anxiety over abrupt eviction notices or random rent increases. You have security of tenancy and invested funds with clear visibility into the program terms and your ownership share.

Build ownership at your pace

Start at 2.5% home ownership on Day 1 and add more deposits anytime to gradually reach your ownership goals.


Expanding your family? Moving cities? Want a more aggressive payment plan? We've got it covered. Our co-owners have successfully upgraded their home within our ecosystem while maintaining their path to ownership.

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Make owning a home your reality.

Far too many people have given up on the idea of homeownership. Key removes the two main barriers to entry; a large down payment and committing to a mortgage. Plus, we reduce the stress and friction involved in the typical home buying process.

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Quick and simple digital onboarding

Automated payments

Track your home equity on your personal dashboard

Join a community of like-minded homeowners

How does it work?

It couldn’t be simpler to become a co-owner with key.

Multiple co-ownership programs.

Our sales specialist will work with you to understand your homeownership needs and recommend the best path forward.

Get verified to estimate your home budget.

Complete our super quick co-ownership application to find your home and monthly budget eligibility.

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Go home shopping with us.

Based on your program path, tour the homes you would like to co-own from our available collection or go home shopping with us on the market.

Close a home with just 2.5% down.

Pay only 2.5% down today to start your home ownership journey and prepare to move into your new home. Our technology facilitates the co-ownership contract and paperwork.

Shared ownership & responsibility

Grow your ownership at your pace while you share the expenses and responsibility to maintain the home with the property owner.  
What about us? We manage everything in between - from payment transfers to recording your ownership share to the dime.

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Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear what our Owner Residents have to say.

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How does
actually work?

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What's the minimum initial contribution if I want to move in?

Each building will have a different initial contribution starting from 2.5% of the home’s value to become an Owner-Resident. You can find this information on each of the home listings so you’ll know exactly what’s required. So, if you're interested in living in a home valued at $600,000, your initial 2.5% equity contribution would be $15,000. If the home is $500,000, your initial contribution would be even less ($12,500). And you don't need to commit to a mortgage.

How many co-owners are there per home?

As an Owner-Resident, you are the only co-owner living in the home. You co-own alongside Key’s investors or property owners. This provides an opportunity for you to build equity in the real estate market years sooner.

What do I actually own?

You co-own the home you live in and no longer need to worry about a landlord knocking on the door and giving you 60 days' notice. If you decide to move, you can do so with only 75 days' notice. When you move (any time after the first year), you'll get all your investments back plus your portion of how the value of the home changed while you lived there. If you need to move in your first year, depending on where you are living there's a 5-10% penalty, so it's best to know you want to live in the home for at least one year before you become an Owner-Resident. Key's innovative model saves the hassles and many of the typical costs involved with buying and selling traditional real estate.

For Key homes that are pre-construction condos, there will be an interim occupancy period where you lease your home for a year. You become a full fledged Owner-Resident once you sign the Owner-Resident Agreement at the end of this transition period. The good news is you will still be building home equity during this lease period, as long as you become an Owner-Resident at the end of your lease.

How does Key compare?

Traditional Ownership

Become a homeowner sooner without spending years saving for a large down payment or committing to a mortgage.

Key vs. Traditional Ownership


Have your monthly payments go towards owning your home, instead of making your landlord richer.

Key vs. Renting

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