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Real estate for all.

Alison Simpson
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In a world where it’s increasingly challenging to own a home in global cities like Toronto, “real estate for all” is a bold vision. Yet that’s exactly the vision our Co-founders launched Key to deliver on. They were inspired by the belief that real estate should be a source of prosperity and freedom in the world and not lock out more people than it lets in.

Today it takes an average of 21 years for the typical first-time Toronto home buyer just to save up for the standard 20% down payment. If that wasn’t challenging enough, aspiring home buyers also need to qualify for a mortgage. And – if they’re lucky enough to qualify - then spend the next several decades, house poor, paying off the massive debt.

The mortgage model is broken, biased, one-sided, and for far too many, unattainable. The traditional debt-based homeownership model is simply not the “dream” it’s painted to be.

Everyone at Key is united by our belief that things need to change. More people deserve to own and build real estate equity, while enjoying the many benefits that come with having the security, pride and sense of community that comes with a place to call home.

Radical change takes radical thinking. For Key, that starts with changing how people own. It also involves asking – and answering - game changing questions. Our patents pending model of homeownership was inspired by finding innovative solutions to questions like….

“What if you could enjoy the main benefits of owning and not give up the freedoms of renting?”

“What if condominiums could be designed in ways that unite and engage people - and serve as vertical neighbourhoods - instead of the typical impersonal and isolating environments that exist today?”

“What if people didn’t have to compromise their lifestyle and quality of life by commuting two hours every day in order to own?”

Our answers to these questions led to entirely new perspectives on what it means to own and invest in real estate and a brand new way for aspiring homeowners to benefit.

We’ve designed a completely new approach to real estate that makes urban living possible again, free from the burdens of commuting, cost-prohibitive down payments and the inflexibility that comes with a mortgage.

Whether you’re an individual who wants a place to call home or a real estate investor who doesn’t want the hassle of property and tenant management, Key provides everyone with the opportunity to prosper through a secure real estate investment that grows with the real estate market.

Key is fundamentally changing the way real estate works for the better, for the many, making financial prosperity and freedom realistic and attainable. We’re beginning in Toronto and then expanding to global cities. We’re excited to share more and have you join our journey and community.

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