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Understanding monthly payments with Key's co-ownership model

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At Key, we’ve created an innovative model that gives you the benefits of owning, with the freedoms of renting. Think of it as a hybrid between renting and traditional ownership.As a co-owner with Key ​​you co-own the suite you live in and no longer need to worry about a landlord knocking on the door and giving you 60 days' notice. If you decide to move, you can do so with only 75 days' notice after the first year. Plus you can build home equity at your own pace. You can learn more about how our model works here.To become an Owner-Resident with Key you have an initial equity investment that is dependent on the building you live in and starts at just 2.5%. As an Owner-Resident with Key you have a monthly payment, which is based on market rent and reduced based on the amount of equity you invest.

What your monthly payment covers

The monthly payment primarily covers your residency for the portion of your suite you don’t yet own. Plus important things like maintenance fees, property taxes, shared building expenses and utilities.

How your monthly payment adds to your home equity

Each month a portion of your monthly payment will go towards growing your home equity. This starts at $50 and is dependent on the building you are living in. You have the option to contribute more at any time, and on a monthly basis. Each time you invest more, you own more of the suite, which reduces your monthly rent equivalent. So the more you own, the less you’ll pay monthly.At Key, we’re committed to making homeownership work for you. Our co-ownership model is designed to be a more accessible and flexible solution, to give those locked out of owning the opportunity to get in and prosper from real estate. If you have more questions about co-ownership with Key, learn more about the costs involved with co-ownership and check out our most commonly asked questions.

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