Key Vs Renting

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An equity stake from day one

No equity stake

With Key, for an inital contribution that starts at just 2.5% you have an equity position starting from day one, that can grow in value over time. You can build equity at your own pace and invest more at any time.

With renting, you’re not building any equity but rather paying a lump sum each month that could be going towards your landlord’s mortgage.



Monthly payments can decrease

Rent will only increase

With Key, each month a portion of your monthly payment will go towards building your home equity. This starts at $50 and is dependent on the building, but you can invest more as well. The more of the home you own the less your monthly payment will be.

With renting, your rent will only ever increase, not decrease.



More security of tenancy

Dreaded 60-day notice

With co-ownership, both co-owners are signed to a predetermined term. This assures security of tenancy and predictable monthly payments. At the end of your term you have the option to buy your home but it is not required.

With renting, the security of tenancy is limited since there is always the possibility of that dreaded 60-day notice to move out.



A home you can make your own

Limited personalizations

Being an Owner-Resident with Key means that you have a home that you can really make your own. Whether it is a new paint colour for your walls or new kitchen cabinets, we encourage all of our Owner-Residents to personalize to suit them.

With renting, there are typically limitations around the personalizations you’re able to make in your home, as most landlords want to the unit to remain the same when you move out as it was when you moved in.

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