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in your rental property.

Why choose Key?

Convert your rental property to Co-Ownership and gain benefits of reduced tenancy risk and expenses.

We do the heavy lifting

Key sources, qualifies and matches aspiring homeowners with your property. The Owner-Resident then signs a forward purchase agreement and occupies your property, while paying your rent every month

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Better residents who act like owners

Gain partners who care and treat your property as well as you do because they have a stake in the home as your co-owner.

Lower vacancy and cost of turnover

Owner Residents stay longer because they co-own the home and live close to work and family. They are less transient, and take better care of the home.

Shared repair & maintenance costs

Co-owners share pro-rata in R&M costs and think twice before initiating expensive repair calls if they can fix it themselves.

Better monetization and interim liquidity

You receive incremental liquidity on the way up -  tax-deferred resident deposits which can be redeployed as you see fit.

We invested in Key with the thesis that there should exist a third option to buying or renting a home. The timing could not be better to re-invent homeownership and Key's solution makes a ton of sense.

David Nault, General Partner

Key has created a compelling and innovative option for condo projects that will allow more Canadians to access homeownership and produce above-average returns to our investors.

Anthony Heller, President, Plaza Corp.

At REACH Canada, we are proud to support Key's passion for creating a sustainable future for homeownership through innovation. Their vision and leadership in the industry will pave the way for further innovation around accessibility and affordability, bringing the dream of homeownership to many for whom it is inaccessible today.

Lynette Keyowski, Partner

We do the heavy lifting

Key sources, qualifies and matches aspiring homeowners with your property. It’s a hassle-free process that results in your home being occupied by a motivated resident who acts like an owner and provides a steady revenue stream as well as an upfront deposit.

Customer waitlists (10X more leads than available homes)

Automated payments and remittances

Digital onboarding, screening and contracting

Monthly reporting

Case studies

Ontario, Canada

Private Condominium REIT

Through Key, the REIT reduced their vacancy rate from 30% to 10% during COVID and increased their occupancy rate by over 60%.  The program attracted Owner Residents who paid competitive monthly residency payments, based on the appeal of co-ownership. Key generated 6x more pre-approved leads than there were available units. The homes were filled quickly, despite COVID. The fastest time to occupancy was 23 days from seeing our Instagram ad to moving in.  We're also enjoying a 60% referral rate from existing Owner Residents.

Alberta, Canada

Developer of large residential community

The developer is creating a vibrant community and attracting young families and skilled workers back to the town of Strathmore by providing affordable and accessible homeownership.  They are collaborating with the municipal government to help create more housing options for citizens and to boost tax revenues. This project is also helping to attract investment capital into the region, to the benefit of the overall community. 

Texas, USA

Developer of a large residential community

Key's innovative homeownership program is providing a first mover advantage for the developer in this dynamic housing market in Texas.  Key attracts younger and more affluent residents who tend to have a higher disposable income, and it helps to provide interim liquidity whereby the capital can then be redeployed into new projects.  Co-ownership is a great alternative to traditional rental or rent-to-own models (which they had tried with limited success).

How does
actually work?

What are the main benefits co-ownership offers to Property Owners?

Property Owners benefit from better residents with Key. We have a standing waitlist of qualified people waiting to become Owner Residents. As co-owners, the Owner Residents are incentivized to treat the home like their own, which makes it easier to manage and lowers the risk for Property Owners. The Owner Residents also stay longer and share pro-rata in repairs and maintenance, which delivers lower OPEX and vacancy for Property Owners. Key’s digital platform also simplifies the process of managing Owner Resident background and credit checks, monthly payments, property management, and more all in one place.

What is the relationship between the Property Owner and Key?

Key is a service provider to, and agent for, Property Owners (investors). Key is party to each Owner Resident Agreement, as Agent for and on behalf of the investor. Key manages the co-ownership relationship, provides the platform and product, along with regular invoicing and reporting to co-owners. Key also manages the calculation, processing and remittance of monthly payments. If the Owner Resident has a request or needs help, they reach out to Key.

How is co-ownership different than renting my homes?

With co-ownership, Property Owners get a resident partner that is invested in their property, both financially and from a pride of ownership perspective.  Key’s Homeownership-as-a-Service (HaaS) program helps owners achieve higher net operating income (NOI) by driving down costs through; lower vacancy and turnover rates, lower costs of turnover and shared repair & maintenance costs, improving interim liquidity and better monitization of their assets.

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